Mediation & Parenting Coordination: A Healthy Next Step for Everyone

August 16, 2019
Mediation & Parenting Coordination: A Healthy Next Step for Everyone

Jenn Sherb Wellness Centre is pleased to announce that we now offer mediation and parent/child coordination services. Separation can be difficult for all family members involved. A Parent Coordinator will assist parents to work through decisions about the children and come to an agreement that meets the needs of all family members.  Mediation will assist those who are struggling to follow an agreement or parenting plan to resolve conflicts in a timely manner and minimize tension between the parents.

Mediation Services

Maybe it’s 3 things. The same 3 things that seem to be frustration points repeatedly. Mediation is a healthy way to work through conflict and disagreements.  It allows everyone a chance to share their feelings and views and reach a resolution in a cost-effective way.

We often think disagreements and disputes regarding separation are only handled through a lawyer, however a recent change in legislation now allows select wellness practices to act as a third party coordinator to improve communication between parents about child-related issues and other conflicts of dispute, while supporting parents and children through the complex emotions experienced during and after divorce.

Unlike therapy, mediation acts as a guide, with the main goal being conflict resolution. Mediation is less costly on both a financial and emotional basis and an effort is made to remain focused on current issues and managing emotions in a healthy and productive way.

Parent/Child Coordination Services

It is important to help children adjust to their new, developing sense of “normal” in the aftermath of separation/divorce.  Children and parents alike can struggle with changes to custody and these changes can impact multiple areas of life including relationships, social lives, academics and personal identity.  The Parent/Child Coordinator (PC) will act as an advocate for the children, as well as a coach for the parents, to help provide a voice for everyone.

Parenting Plans

Holidays, drop offs, pickups, weekends; there are many decisions that parents must make with respect to co-parenting during a separation. A parenting plan (PC) can help parents going through separation with these difficult decisions while easing the transition and minimizing the distress for both the parents and children. Perhaps you have a parenting plan, but you are having trouble enforcing it. A PC can help ensure the agreement is being followed or make necessary adjustments to reduce conflict and maintain healthy boundaries.

Choosing to put together a parenting plan with a parent coordinator can make the transition easier on everyone by helping you identify possible conflicts, minimize frustrations and reach an agreement in a way that fosters a healthy co-parenting relationship.


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