Health & Wellness Coaching

Health & Wellness Coaching

Health & Wellness Coaching draws on the principles of positive psychology and the practice of motivational interviewing and goal-setting to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Sessions focus on identifying areas of improvement and challenging you to listen to your inner wisdom, identify their values, and put their wellness goals into action. Encouraging you to lead healthier lifestyle by promoting activity, improving diet, managing chronic health conditions and reducing risky behaviours assists you in achieving sustainable long-term goals.

Why is Health Coaching Important?

Health risks are extremely prevalent in Canada and around the world. These health risk behaviours can lead to chronic health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, or mental health and addictions problems.

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Direct Referrals to Psychiatrists

A combination of medication and counseling may be necessary to help with the management of more severe and persistent mental health concerns and therefore accessing a Psychiatrist may be recommended.  When required, a referral to a Psychiatrists can be arranged.

Are you a professional looking to make a referral?

Please fax referrals to (204) 728 2885 or mail to 115-10th Street, Brandon, Manitoba R7A 4E1.

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