Working with a Health Coach

January 29, 2018
Working with a Health Coach

Confidence can take a big hit when we are feeling unmotivated and uninspired. When we feel stuck in a rut every little task in life can feel overwhelming. Working with a health coach can help you to identify achievable goals and feel more confident and in control of your life.

Proper nutrition and physical activity combined with behavioural counselling are foundational strategies in helping people to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are associated with a better quality of life, better overall health and a increased sense of wellbeing.

Because we tend to tell ourselves that change is too hard, sometimes we need support to stay motivated and committed to change. During individual and/or group sessions, a health coach will provide interventions that support a person to initiate and maintain changes for a healthier lifestyle. In these sessions, you will learn about the importance of physical activity, dietary behaviours, proper sleep and stress management.

Most people want to be healthy and are willing to make some changes in the interest of their health. However, most people are also comfortable with their familiar routines and struggle with change. This conflicting motivation is normal and common. Working with a health coach will support you in making changes and setting goals.

Setting goals is the first and most important step in making change. Setting the right goals can lead to personal growth and feelings of empowerment. A health coach will provide you with the necessary knowledge and support to ensure you develop meaningful and manageable goals. Each goal will then be broken down into small, achievable steps. Starting with smaller goals can help you to build confidence and make the bigger goals more attainable. To help you stay focused on your goals during times of stress and to address any potential barriers, you and your health coach will also work on the development of problem solving skills.

For many people who want to make changes, the identified problem has been a pattern for a long time. Through the use of counselling and communication strategies, a health coach will encourage you to discuss feelings and thoughts regarding lifestyle goals and help to increase awareness regarding lifestyle habits.

Working with a health coach can help you to identify these patterns and develop foundational skills to break the cycle. A health coach will offer new concepts and help to challenge the negative thoughts and hesitations that can come with the idea of change. Rather than getting stuck on “I can’t”, your health coach will build upon your strengths and help to develop new strategies to make changes for a healthy life.